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Digital Islam
Zaid Hassan, 2 Dec 03

In the 90s the radical Morrocan feminist Fatima Mernissi turned her attention from women's issue to local research on the strategic information-fueled rise of civil society in the Muslim world.

She writes: " I can share with confidence one of my key findings: Satellite broadcasting and the Internet have induced the beginning of a cataclysmic bottom-up digital democratization by corroding despotic state censorship and empowering citizens who gained unprecedented access to information. In other words, IT has created and introduced a new and unexpected player on the Middle East chessboard, up to now dominated by international lobbies and their local partners: The satellite-informed Arab citizen."

Check out:

The Satellite, The Prince and Sheherazade or: The rise of women as communicators in digital Islam

"The new communication wars in the Arab world is giving women a golden opportunity to enter the power game in the Middle East. And of course the Sheherazade profile, the brainy, self-confident storyteller is in big demand."

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Great post, Zaid.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 3 Dec 03

Zaid -
50% of humanity can't be wrong: when women are emancipated all over the world, things are going to look different & much better.
This is a hope for us all, but particularly, perhaps, for the troubled Middle East.
Go for it, Girls!!!

Posted by: Will Knocker on 4 Dec 03



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