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The Asian Street
Alex Steffen, 8 Dec 03

The latest issue of Kyoto Journal, Street, takes us on a grand tour of how change is hitting the sidewalks and pavements of Asia. Haven't seen the issue yet, but KJ has long been the best cultural reportage on Asia in English:

Pico Iyer meditates on the streets of India; Douglas Bullis takes a Bombay taxi in which the flies are the aircon. Nagai Yayoi meets the Ogoh-Ogohs in Bali. Furukawa Setsuko finds backstreet treasures in children's drawings in Laos and Thailand; Yamagishi Takao reminisces about children's street games; Lehan Ramsay meets Henna Boy on Brigade Road, Bangalore; Didi Ananda Kaomudi encounters the children who live under the streets of Ulaan Bataar; Jennifer Sauer plays with street kids on rooftops of Manila, and Owen Smith learns about hunger in India. Michael Hofmann takes a morning walk in Kathmandu; Catherine Pawasarat takes an evening stroll in backstreet Bangkok. Amanda Suutari avoids a rainstorm in Singapore; Kimi Sekhon explores a an Islamic shrine in Mumbai. Or Giladi listens to people's stories at a shrine above Rangoon.

Best of all, to my mind, they're running photos by my buddy Heidi Breeze-Harris (go Heidi!).

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antoaneta bezlova explores sex, blogs and rock and roll (but not drugs :) in sexually liberating china!

Posted by: smerkin on 9 Dec 03



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