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Zaid Hassan, 1 Jan 04

From their homebase in Aarhus, Denmark founded almost 8 years ago, the Kaospilot school provides an exciting and radically different education which is hands-on, internationally orientated and focused on social entrepreneurship and leadership.

Their aim is "... that each individual student acquires the skills, knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world around them, enabling them to realize their values, visions and goals in a organizationally, socially and economically viable way".

The school sets up "teaching outposts" beyond the national boundaries of Denmark in order to provide students with a significant portion of their intercultural training. These are currently in Scandinavia, California (entrepreneurship and the new network economy) and South Africa (leadership and the understanding of conflict).

While the school caters to mainly Scandinavian students, they are planning on expanding globally over the next few years.

"The schoolŽs vision of commitment and presence on the global stage is to establish a global learning network of educational environments throughout the world - within three to five years. This learning network is to have the common professional goal of training conscious social- and cultural entrepreneurs capable of contributing to the cultural, industrial and social political agenda of the 21st century."

A book about the Kaospilots called Kaospilots A-Z is now available in English.

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I heard recently from a contact that KaosPilots had run into funding problems from the Danish Govt. and might either have to reorganize to find other sources of funding. Might be the best thing for such an entraprenurial organization, however.

Posted by: Vinay on 1 Jan 04

They just got a 1 million Krona grant from a foundation in DK in order to give them some 'breathing space' in order to figure out what they're going to do. I have a feeling they'll work it out :-)

Posted by: Zaid on 1 Jan 04

just saw this the other night and thought it provided an interesting contrast :D

oh and an oldie, but a goodie!

Posted by: smerkin on 1 Jan 04



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