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Next Generation Wind Farm
Jamais Cascio, 5 Jan 04

Time to take a field trip!

The High Winds Energy Center is now open, 90 new wind turbines situated in the hills between San Francisco and Sacramento. This next generation model wind turbine can operate in slower winds, can rotate to meet changing wind directions, and can generate 20 times more electricity than earlier-generation systems. Because the turbine blades turn more slowly than previous models, fewer birds get caught and killed.

And these things are big -- really big. Over 300 feet tall, with 125-foot blades, which allow the turbines to operate efficiently in wind as slow as 8 miles per hour and still generate up to 1.8 megawatts. In wind power, size matters.

California intends to have 20 percent of its energy generated from renewable sources by 2010, and this is a good step along the way. (Via Futurismic)

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Reminds me of our trip down to Tasmania just last week. When we were up north at Stanley(north West peninsula of Tasmania) about 60 Kms north west is a small place called Woolnorth(right at the tip of the peninsula), known for its huge wind turbines. We did drive down there but hadn't made a booking and therefore couldn't go in and view it :( It was one of the most scenic Wind turbine places I have known from photos that I have seen of it. you picture here just took me back in time :)

Posted by: Amit Karmakar on 5 Jan 04

Just a general comment. This blog is fantastic! I am so intrigued by every article. Great job!!

Posted by: Daryl Kulak on 6 Jan 04

Thanks, Daryl!

Posted by: Jamais Cascio on 7 Jan 04

hey, nice website u guys set up. Good job !

Posted by: Ryan on 7 Jan 04



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