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Tag and Scan
Alex Steffen, 27 Jan 04

Tag and Scan is a way to "tag" specific London places with pictures or text, which other users can then scan for as they go about the city... sort of a virtual graffiti.

On a broader level, place-based information has real possibilities. Imagine, walking down a shopping street and being able to (if you chose) read reviews of people's experiences in those stores, or being warned off from a park that local residents know to be dangerous, or being able to see - instead of those boring "land use action" signs - a 3D model of what a developer's actually planning to build on that corner lot near your house. If this sort of information was not only layered over our urban experience, but connected to collaborative systems, our experience of place might well be strongly reinforced.

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When I was in the swiss mountain I noticed how, when they were building a house, they not only wrote a description near, but had to plant some poles that were as tall as the house, so people could realise how much of the view would have been lost. I thought was a great way of knowing if the house should not have been. Maybe this might turn out something similar.

Posted by: Pietro on 28 Jan 04

I think it would be interesting to apply this concept to a cemetary!

Posted by: dan luke on 12 Feb 04



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