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Good News India
Zaid Hassan, 30 Jan 04

Written in a typically direct Indian manner, Good News India is surely a Worldchanging sister site - providing us with "News from India : of positive action, steely endeavour and quiet triumphs ~ news that is little known." It's a one man site but despite resource constraints does a good job.

The stories range quite widely, from a piece of Sankskrit as an untapped source of knowledge to a story on a professor who is pioneering the use of natural vegatable alternatives to diesel.

Also check out "A Personal India" by the founder of the site, D V Sridharan.

The main purpose of is to persuade that there is more to India than the stream of depressing stories projects her to be,


To establish a niche for the dissemination of stories that inspire hope in the future of India, a confidence in her abilities and an appreciation of her as a sensitive civilisation.

To show-case the heroic efforts of thousands of little known men, women and institutions, while skirting celebrities, politicians, political parties, prima-donnas and publicity-hunters.

To qualify as a site which Indians visit with their children repeatedly to be reassured that idealism and affirmative action have not disappeared entirely.

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These sort of stories reinforce my thoughts on a journey to the place where half of my genes came from. Though all is not well in any place, India has certainly made great strides - and continues to do so.

Great site, thanks for pointing me at it.

Posted by: Taran on 30 Jan 04

I spent three months there last winter and even though I had lived there for four years as a kid it was a wild experience. I'd highly recommend it. Let me know know when and if it happens.

Posted by: Zaid on 31 Jan 04



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