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Music about spaces and architecture
Emily Gertz, 18 Mar 04

newsound_logo_sm.jpgNew Sound New York (NSNY) begins on March 30 and extends to May 16, 2004. Organized by venerable alternative performance space The Kitchen NSNY is "a citywide festival of performances, installations and public dialogues featuring new works by sound artists who are exploring fresh connections across music, architecture and the visual arts."

Nearly all tickets fall in the affordable range of USD 10-20, and some of the most enticing events are free. Just a few:

the interactive project: activated environments and hybrid instruments--"A symposium of panels, demonstrations and studio presentations about responsive environments and new technologies. Panelists include Curtis Bahn, Toni Dove, Christopher Janney, Perry Hoberman, George Lewis, Ron Kuivila, Eric Singer, Laetitia Sonami, and others."

amnon wolman & carl stone--"Diapason—a gallery of sound and intermedia, founded in 2001 by Michael J. Schumacher and Liz Gerring—presents Low Ground Clearance, a sound installation by Israeli composer Amnon Wolman (April) and Kantipur, a new, erythroblastic remix of the Tokyo urban soundscape by pioneer of live computer music, Carl Stone (May)."

christopher janney: sonic forest '04--"...A free-standing, interactive sound/light installation composed of sixteen 4-foot aluminum "electronic trees," each set with audio speakers, lights and photo-electric sensors. As passersby walk between columns, the sensors are triggered to produce an ever-changing "score" of melodic tones, environmental sounds and spoken text, accompanied by varying light effects. If participants solve the "riddle," they may also activate pre-programmed patterns from a flock of birds to a swarm of fireflies at night." (To be installed in Union Square.)

o+a (bruce odland and sam auinger): blue moon--"Sonic alchemists Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger (O+A) create an installation that transforms the ambient soundscape of the Hudson River waterfront at the World Financial Center into a resonant environment. Tuning tubes wired with microphones and suspended over the harbor harmonize the local acoustic happenstance, from waves to helicopters overhead. Five cube loudspeakers play back this real-time data and serve as street furniture on which listeners can experience Blue Moon's shifting sonic bricolage. "

Check out the whole New Sound New York program, which includes lots of links, ticket info, dates, and descriptions.

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