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Open Source here, Open Source there...
Alex Steffen, 22 Mar 04

New resources about collaborative technologies:

The Microsoft Killers looks at the Open Source model's spread. There's nothing here that many readers don't already know -- but it's a nice synopsis of the story so far.

Some German professor's arguing that Open Source is "economically dangerous," which reminds me to go back and re-read Bruce's story Maneki Neko.

The Packet Gang attacks the Open Source model on more theoretical grounds, especially as a basis for social change organizing. I think the author is flatly wrong on many counts, and blows out of proportion most of the rest of his argument, but I still found it a valuable foil for thought. (and thanks, Fred, for the heads up!)

Finally, if you're in London this weekend, you might wwant to check out the WTF: WTF's the future ?/! shin-dig: "An open space gathering and conference of various grassroots projects, people, and organisations interested in creating a better world." (thanks to Mamading Ceesay for the recommendation.)

I'll be in the Bay Area at the Designs on Democracy meeting (say howdy if you're there!), otherwise I'd be sorely tempted.

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Re: economically dangerous

Dr. Kooths claims that the market can not properly value and allocate resources for open source.

From a theoretical viewpoint, this is not true. Methods exist for valuing the work done creating open source software. See for example one of my own minor attempts at world changing, the Rational Street Performer Protocol:

Also of note is the Wall-Street Performer Protocol:

Copyright, on the other hand, creates monopolies, which are poison to the market.

Posted by: Paul Harrison on 22 Mar 04

Yeah, I guess raising the bar around the world as far as knowledge and applying it is dangerous in an economic sense - for those that enjoy economic superiority presently and in the past.

People are voting with their feet. That's democracy. ;-)

Posted by: Taran on 23 Mar 04

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