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SASS -- Style and Sustainability Seasonal
Alex Steffen, 24 Mar 04

We've noted the fine work of our friends at the Sustainable Style Foundation, so we're pleased as punch to note the launch of their online magazine, SASS, the style and sustainability seasonal.

If you have the slightest interest in the "LOHAS" movement, organic style, or in green home fashion folks like Danny Seo, you should read our buddy Sean Schmidt's piece, Saving the World in Style:

"Luckily, being socially and environmentally responsible isn't your flower-child mother's tie-dyed hemp and Birkenstocks anymore. At long last, sustainability is going mainstream. From Giorgio Armani's latest hemp fashions to Lexus' entry into the gas-electric hybrid market to Aspen Skiing Company's declaration that global warming is real and affecting their industry, a new phenomenon is promising to revolutionize the sustainability world: style.

"Yes, style. From fashion, food and film to interior design, architecture, travel, music and more, we no longer have to give up looking fabulous and living well in order to do good. defines "style" as "a quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes."  Style, therefore, is not about conformity, consumption or the latest fly-by-night trends. True style -- the essence of style -- is about individualism. It's about expressing yourself, your beliefs, your creativity and your identity through the clothes you choose to wear, the things you surround yourself with in your house or apartment, the car you drive, the food you eat, the places you choose to go on vacation, and so on. That's why "style" is truly something accessible to everyone. Whether you wear Def Leopard t-shirts or Donna Karan originals, the question is: how can you express your stylish self more sustainably?"

Bon Voyage, SASS!

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