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Where You At Today?
Alex Steffen, 21 Apr 04

Jim Dodge & Co.'s "Where You At?" bioregional quiz is quite a classic (and still relevant):

1.Trace the water you drink from rainfall to tap.

2. Trace it out of the house and back to a river, aquifer or the sea.

3. What "soil series" are you standing on?

4. What was the total rainfall here last year?

5. When was the last time a fire burned through here?

6. What were the primary subsistance techniques of the culture that lived here before you?

7. Name five native edible plants here and the season(s) that they are available.

8. From what direction do winter storms generally come?

9. Where does your garbage go?

10. How long is the growing season?

11. Name five birds that live here. Which are migratory and which stay put?

12. What species have gone extinct here?

13. What primary geological processes or events shaped the land here?

14. What spring wildflower is consistently among the first to bloom here?

15. Name five grasses here. Any of them native?

16. What is the land use history here?

17. Where does your power come from and how is it generated?

18. Where is the nearest large wilderness?

19. How many days till the moon is full?

20. Point North.

But I can't help wondering what might have changed in the 25-odd years since it was first published. What might we add today? What might we add today that couldn't have been thought of 25 years ago?

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here is a slightly different version of that quiz...and yet another one. I wonder how many version are lying around on the Web?

Posted by: rebecca blood on 21 Apr 04

The question of "what species have gone extinct here" strikes me as a variation on the original questionnaire. A few questions to add might be:

- What is the average temperature of your region in each of the four seasons? How has that temperature changed in the last 100 years?

- What was the total snowfall here last year?

- Name five exotic (introduced) species that live here outside of controlled environments.

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 21 Apr 04

I self-publish a little illustrated booklet called _Simply Questions_ which is my version of this quiz. Contact me at my email address if you are interested in getting a copy

Simply Questions

What direction does the wind
come from?
Does it change each season?

How many months between
first and last frost?

Which birds migrate?
When do they leave
and when do they return?

Do you know three local plants
you can eat?

How far did dinner have to travel
to reach the end of your fork?

How many plants does it take
to breathe in
what you breathe out
and breathe out
what you breathe in?

Where does your water come from?
Where do your waste and water go?

What watershed do you live in?

Where does the garbage truck
take your garbage?

When you turn on the lights,
where does the electricity
come from? How much do you use?

How much of the energy you use
comes from oil?

How much from nuclear power?

From natural gas?

From coal?
From hydroelectricity?

How much comes from the sun?

How much land does it take
to supply all the food,
water, shelter, materials,
energy, and transportation
the people in your town use?

How big is your
ecological footprint?

Can you make it that footprint smaller
or your tread a little lighter?

How do you learn to dance with
the Earth?

Posted by: gmoke on 21 Apr 04



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