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"Passion-ing" the Day After Tomorrow
Alex Steffen, 4 May 04

I've heard a lot of talk about doing it, but so far, no one's picked up on Jon Stahl's idea of coordinating a nationwide "passion-ing" of The Day After Tomorrow.

Granted, the movie itself looks pretty cheezy (in the good way, IMHO), but given the very real and largely ignored perils of global climate change, why let the Fundies have all the fun?

It opens May 28th. Between writing, consulting and worldchanging, I'm not up for coordinating anything, but I will be getting together a group of Bay Area friends to go, and any worldchangers who want to join us are welcome (email me).

But we can do better than that. We have the blogs, we have the smart mobs, we have the popcorn. Why not see if we can put Day After Tomorrow into the #1 spot on its opening weekend?

So, come on, green blogosphere, spread the word!

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Hey: The consciousness-raising has already begun!

Check out the TDAT/climate change discussion on the IMDb boards:

As a student of oceanography, specializing in Antarctic studies, I know that climate change is not bull; it’s a measurable reality, its happening now. This film from what I have seen is bull but it does use some realities such as the actual slowdown in the Gulf Stream, the key moderator of temperature on the Atlantic seaboards of N America & Western Europe.

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 7 May 04

Rainforest Action Network and Global Exchange are doing it:


RAN and Global Exchange are partnering to spread the truth about climate change and spur people to action this Memorial Day weekend, when "The Day After Tomorrow" - a Hollywood blockbuster about climate disaster - opens in theaters nationwide. Read on for information on how to get involved and have fun at the movies while educating the public about the real climate disaster story.

* * * * *

Two Thumbs Down for Climate Destruction!

Go to the Movies to Stop Global Warming
Hollywood Science Fiction is a Great Chance to Spread the Facts About Global Warming

* * * * *

WHEN: Friday, May 28 - Monday, May 31 (or longer)

WHERE: At Your Local Movie Theater

WHAT: Distribute Leaflets About the Realities of Climate Chaos and Spur People to Action

WHY: On Friday, May 28, the blockbuster climate disaster movie "The Day After Tomorrow" will open in theaters around the nation. This is the first major studio film to address the issue of human-driven climate change, and therefore offers an unprecedented opportunity to reach people who are unaware of the threats posed by global warming.

By adopting a theater and passing out eye-catching postcards to movie goers, you can help educate thousands of Americans about the realities of global warming and give them ways to contribute to positive change.

From coast to coast we need your help to distribute flyers, get petition signatures, and give moviegoers an opportunity to take action. In addition, we can help you organize after-movie parties and discussion groups the opening week of the film.

Although it may take a Hollywood-style weather disaster to spur public concern over climate change, we can use this as a chance to build the movement for a sustainable economy.

Already government officials are trying to shut down dialogue. On April 1, NASA employees were sent e-mail message by the agency's top press officer that said, "No one from NASA is to do interviews or otherwise comment on anything having to do with [the film]."

We will not be silent. With your help we will spread the word across the country that the impacts of climate change are already wreaking havoc on ecosystems and human communities across the planet, endangering our security, our economy and our health.

This does not have to be a ton of work-but it can be a ton of fun. It's as easy as getting three or four friends together to go see the film, and then before and after the screening passing out postcards to your fellow movie goers as they enter or leave the auditorium.

Please join us today. You can start by filling out the action form below and then returning it to:

Tara Wolfson, Rainforest Action Network, or 415.398.4404


Jason Mark, Global Exchange, or 415-558-9490

For more information, please visit:

Thank you for your efforts to create a truly sustainable economy!

* * * *


I want to help spread the truth about global warming at "The Day After Tomorrow" screenings.


Movie Theaters Near You:

Name of theater:
Address of theater:

Posted by: Richard Kahn on 11 May 04

Thanks, Richard.

Debate seems to be taking off on this. Check out recent posts.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 15 May 04



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