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Wedding Bell Greens
Emily Gertz, 4 May 04

consciouschoicecover.jpgDown to the wire on planning your June Worldchanging wedding? Consider these suggestions from Grist Magazine on How To Marry Your Sweetheart and Love the Planet.

Conscious Choice, meanwhile, offers alternatives to the traditional diamond ring for folks (rightly) concerned about the social and environmental costs of mining those sparkers.

And for a really green wedding, go to Uttaranchal, India, where the the Maiti ritual combines nuptials with reforestation and improving the lives of women. The community's local "Maiti group" of young women tends a nursery of saplings. The groom gets a sapling and plants it near the bride's family home during the wedding ceremony, while the bride waters it; it will be tended by her family and friends. The groom donates money to fund the education of poor girls, or to help with the marriage expenses of a poor girl. Plus, as the forests regrow, women can find wood and grasses closer to home.

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How wonderful!

Posted by: Andrew Gaines on 5 May 04

"really green wedding"!?!? erm... what about all the emissions released getting to your wedding in india by plane? not very "green" at all!

Posted by: it on 5 May 04

Who said they were flying? I'd assumed they were sailing in the hand-knitted calico yacht they received as an engagement present.

Posted by: Adam Burke on 5 May 04

It would, perhaps, be best keeping with the Maiti ritual to plant ones own wedding sapling close to home!

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 5 May 04

or you could just give moissanite :D


Posted by: reflexorset on 6 May 04



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