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The New Ecological Home
Alex Steffen, 10 May 04

This Chelsea Green book The New Ecological Home:A Complete Guide to Green Building Options just went on my to-read list.

"Today, a new generation of architects and builders is emerging, intent on creating homes that meet human needs for shelter while causing only a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional housing. The New Ecological Home provides an overview of green building techniques, materials, products, and technologies that are either currently available or will be in the near future."

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I am hoping that one of these days, someone is going to come out with something like this for us apartment dwellers.

It is not just a question of using ecologically sound materials in the course of renovation, but how to get the support of your landlord or co-op board to retrofit your early-ish 20th C. building to a greener future, and how to do so within the requirements of your city's regulations.

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 11 May 04

For two more suggestions look at the recent work of David Orr -- The Nature of Design. Orr built the Environmental Studies center at Oberlin and is the chair of the department there. Infamously, though, he came in way over budget and there is something to the story that he doesn't exactly pull off what he preaches. But still very thoughtful and cutting edge stuff...

Also, the architectural visionary, Paolo Soleri -- who is continuing to build his Arcosanti into the desert in Arizona. For those who have played the non-sustainable SimCity series, Soleri is the inventor of the Arcosophies that dominate the game in its advanced future rounds.

Posted by: Richard Kahn on 11 May 04



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