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Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars
Alex Steffen, 28 May 04

Ally Cory just read Red Mars for the first time, and says "I am agog at what may be the finest sf novel I've ever read." We love it too, here at Worlchanging, and highly recommend both the Mars Trilogy itself and Cory's review.

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While gobsmacked that Cory has (had) not yet read the Mars Trilogy, I am also envious of his first-reading wonder!

I keep hoping to read somewhere that someone really wonderful is going to take them on as a film trilogy...although adaptation anxiety runs deep, too.

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 28 May 04

I also reminded him not to forget The Martians, which in many ways is my favorite book of the series.

Posted by: Howard on 28 May 04

There are parts of these books that are unforgettable. The construction of the initial settlement, some of the voyages. A must-read series.

Nitpickery: By the end of the second book, I found myself wishing that KSR had not made the characters (essentially) immortal. I understand why he did it. There's something to be said for the continuity of viewpoint it offers. But I think it made things too comfortable.

That's one of the reasons I liked _The Martians_ a lot. It offered a whole bunch of other viewpoints.

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 28 May 04

One of the few attempts to think through a restorative world. The organization of the colony is thought-provoking and hopeful.

Posted by: gmoke on 1 Jun 04



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