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Lisa Witter, American Candidate
Alex Steffen, 9 Jun 04

My friend Lisa Witter has been picked to be one the contestants, er, candidates on Showtime's new reality TV show, "American Candidate” (sort of American Idol meets the presidential campaign). One of her first actions? Start a blog.

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Holy cow. That's actually an amazing concept for a show. Sure, it could be cheesy and bad, but it could open a lot of people's eyes about what to really look for in a candidate, depending how it's done. And depending on what issues are raised by what candidates, it could have an interesting effect on where the center of "moderateness" lies in the general public, or at least deepen TV-watchers' perspective on politics.

I'd love to see what comes of it... keep us posted!

Posted by: Jer on 13 Jun 04

I'm candidate #923 ... I've spent 18 hours a day participating in and documenting this project... as one of my "rhetorical work of art" projects.

I am making things "much more interesting" for Showtime. (The sponsors have been notified about my site, because of it's visibility ... which has something to do with Google "power ... which, of course is very timely re IPO) {smile}

Bottom line: Cutler had to make too many compromises in an interesting idea. Too little money. Too little time.

Lisa is a smart woman. However, there was lots of misleading of the "normal" candidates who "applied" like an "average person" might ... WHICH is not how the TV candidates were selected.

You may choose to delete this message as spam. However, I taken the time to compose this message specifically for this context. (I never copy and past comments anywhere.)

Google boke
Google showtime orator
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Posted by: BOKE : american candidate on 27 Jun 04

OOPS: "I taken" ... // "I've taken"

(Like a "normal person" {smile} I sometimes make mistakes in typing things online. After I've watched a few episodes of the new season of "Nip/Tuck" .... perhaps I'll be "cool" enough to not worry about web typing errors. But not today. {smile})

Posted by: BOKE on 27 Jun 04



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