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Emily Gertz, 29 Jun 04

image from Week 2Net Art News points us to 52 weeks, 52 works. 'net and broadband access are still pretty limited in South Africa, but Capetown artists James Webb and Thomas Cartwright have nonetheless mounted this ambitious effort in which participating artists submit one work a week for 52 weeks to the uncurated online exhibition/archive.

Contributing artists, mostly based in South Africa, are also in the US, Japan, Germany and Sri Lanka. The weekly projects range from workshops and exhibitions, to street performances, bathroom installations, street-pole signs and Some work is witty and dry, some political or even in toilet humor style; a lot are simply dead-end experiments, but pique attention regardless. Overall, we're watching the slow, but steady transformation of a mostly banal archive into a teeming public art project.

Webb and Cartwright have re-opened their call for participation--visit the site for more information.

(Note the novel approach to funding a public art project: "Stuck for a nifty idea thatÂ’ll impress your friends? Contact the experts!!!!! For the one-time-special-price offer for this month of only 20 (TWENTY!!!) rands, we will give you a hotshit idea in only twenty minutes or your money back!!!")

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