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Barefoot Solar Engineers
Alex Steffen, 20 Jul 04

This InfoChange piece on India's Barefoot Solar Engineers -- poor women trained to build and maintain rural solar systems -- strikes me as a definite sign of things to come:

"Gulab Devi, 45, of Harmara village in Rajasthan's Ajmer district comes across as the quintessential rural woman from Rajasthan. Dressed in the traditional ghagra-choli (long skirt and blouse), Gulab is the sole bread-earner for her four children and her ailing husband who hasn't had a job in the 24 years of their marriage.

"Gulab is completely illiterate. Ask her what she does for a living, and she'll tell you she makes electronic circuits and chargers for solar lighting panels. And before you start wondering whether you heard wrong, she'll tell you that she also installs and maintains handpumps, water tanks and pipelines. Not only is she running her household comfortably with her salary from this work, she is also one of the most respected members of her community."

I particularly like the fact that their work is sponsored by the "Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources."

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Wow! That's what the future looks like, right there

Posted by: Vinay on 20 Jul 04

Got a mailing from Enersol today. They do small scale PV in Central America particularly focusing on water pumping and computers for schools.

They've been doing it since 1984.

Posted by: gmoke on 21 Jul 04

Barefoot and pregnant with possibility.

Posted by: Paul on 23 Jul 04



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