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Mr. Germy
Alex Steffen, 30 Jul 04

Bruce recommends this page of fictional products for the germophobe of the future. Given how real the danger is of antibacterials breeding super bugs, I actually think Mr. Germy is a pretty good idea:

Mr Germy - "Exposure to the right bacteria can naturally strengthen your child's immune system."Mr Germy is a baby teether embedded with micro encapsulated bacteria. Designed to strengthen babies' immune systems weakened by growing up in our increasingly sterile world.

I'm still waiting for the microbal environmental movement, an effort to educate folks about the need to take seriously their responsibility for tweaking evolution at the microbial level through the use of antibacterials, disinfectants and antibiotics. Maybe time to start plastering Mr. Germy-style stickers (educating parents on the value of a little grime) on baby changing tables worldwide? Sort of like the campaign to improve SUV bumpers with stickers reading "I'm changing the climate: ask me how!" ?

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Its amazing watching some of these germ free people get a little bug and run to the doc for antibiotics. A minor scratch and they put antibiotics on and take antibiotics and blah blah blah.

I am so glad I grew up and live in a germy environment.

Posted by: wintermane on 30 Jul 04



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