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Talk to US
Jamais Cascio, 3 Aug 04

The notion that "because the US is so powerful around the world, people from every country should get a vote in who the president is" pops up now and again. I think that the notion's wrong, but not for the reason most might have: I think it's a kneejerk reaction to a historically temporary state, and one which could reinforce the unipolar condition which is not politically healthy for either the US or the rest of the world. Talk to US takes the view that, instead of global voting for the US president, what's needed is global communication: "US policies impact the whole world, but non-Americans have few ways to communicate directly with mainstream America. The international voices Americans do hear often represent only the extremes -- not ordinary people from around the world. Talk to US is changing this by gathering and distributing 30 second video messages from people around the world." Hear what people from different countries, ethnicities, classes, religions, etc. etc. -- including people from the United States -- have to say to and about the US. Whatever your political views, you'll find it educational.

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