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Olympic Pride
Cameron Sinclair, 13 Aug 04

The Opening Ceremony opens tonight and NBC has been busy editing the feed from Greece (friends in Europe watching it live were emailing me about some quite revealing costumes).

As you see the hundreds of athletes from the United States flocking into the stadium, you may be surprised to learn that it is not number one when it comes to the medal count per capita. In 2000 the Bahamas left everyone else vying for second with the United States finishing in 41st place, neatly tucked under Canada. Looking at the history of the modern summer games shows a clear scandinavian dominance.

I'm a huge sucker for the underdogs and already there have been some great shocks, most notably Iraq beating Portugal 4-2 in the football.

So here's looking forward to a great two weeks...

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It probably won't surprise you to know that that tally, medals per capita, is often shown on Australian TV during the Olympics. Often, although not always, puts us at the top ;)

Posted by: James Howison on 14 Aug 04

....and speaking of shocks, what a delight it is to see the "Dream Team" coming unstuck against the might of Puerto Rico. And by nearly 20 points. OK, so "Great" Britain aren't doing much better, but then we just invent the sports and then let everyone else play......

Posted by: Nick Temple on 16 Aug 04



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