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Brazil Proposes International Environmental Court
Alex Steffen, 15 Sep 04

Brazil is proposing the creation "an international court to assess and punish environmental crimes" at the “Conference of the Americas for the Environment and Sustainable Development" being held now.

As the AP says:

"The three-day meeting, which begins Tuesday, is sponsored by Brazilian oil giant Petrobras and other Brazilian energy companies. Some 3,000 people from more than a dozen countries are expected to attend, including politicians, business leaders, and environmentalists.

"The main proposal will be the creation of an International Environmental Court, modeled after the World Court in the Hague, Netherlands. The court will seek to balance economic development with protecting the environment, punishing environmental crimes on a global level, Fernandes said."

International treaties and law are key worldchanging tools. We're very interested in ways of making them work better. We'll suspend judgement here until we see the details, but we sure like the idea.
Thanks, Bruce!

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Reminds me of the Environmental Court in Green Mars and Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Posted by: __earth on 15 Sep 04

Why would "Brazilian oil giant Petrobras and other Brazilian energy companies" be interested in this and go as far as funding the conference?

Posted by: Cortez on 16 Sep 04



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