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Deeper Design Thinking
Dawn Danby, 16 Sep 04

Design Philosophy Papers, a semi-online journal semi-connected to the Australia-based (and excellent) EcoDesign Foundation, has released its newest issue. I rarely read design writing this dense, but for those who like this sort of thing, the issue includes two papers that look at the intersection of design and 'the sustainment': Jack Elliott's Reconciling Eco-ethics and Aesthetics and Tony Fry's The Voice of Sustainment: Design Ethics as Futuring, which looks at design within the context of history, modernity, and western ethics. I like seeing this dialogue going on, but to give you a sense of what you may be wading into...

"The Sustainment names an imperative, and potential foundation, that from ‘the margins’ can articulate the remaking of design in another mould — to serve the pursuit of an ethical end (and thus a future with a significant degree of assured and enacted responsibility). The design profession is yet to realise that to maintain an uncritical and subordinate relation to the ‘restrictive economy’ is to support the psycho-material structures of unsustainability."

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Ow! That hurt my head. ;)

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 17 Sep 04

Tony Fry is a source of inspiration for me. I'm glad that you've noted him (and DPP!). If you can get past the initial headache, it's really a joy to read him, well worth the effort.

Posted by: Tom Gleason on 30 Sep 04



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