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The world's first non-profit pharmaceutical company
Jeremy Faludi, 25 Sep 04

Newscientist has an interview with Victoria Hale, formerly of the FDA but now founder of One World Health, a non-profit firm using US clinical research and development to create drugs that fight some of the most devastating diseases of the third world. They have started by taking drugs that US firms or academics invented but which lacked profit-potential in the first world, and thus sat on shelves untouched; One World Health then plans to take these drugs through clinical testing and development to the point where they can be used where they're needed.

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I think we need to give a monthly WorldChanging Hall Of Fame award for work like this.

Posted by: Vinay on 25 Sep 04

Damn, I knew I should written up on this. I met Victoria at the Aspen Brainstorm conference. We are talking with One World about developing medical clinics for creating a distribution network.

Stay tuned...

Posted by: Cameron Sinclair on 25 Sep 04

My friends in India are working around the clock and will hear this news through WorldChanging.

I have sent it out to many individuals and groups who will finally see a bit of light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Thank you so much for reporting this.

Posted by: lisbeth west on 26 Sep 04



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