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Young Women and the Green Design Challenge
Alex Steffen, 28 Sep 04

Despite huge strides in equalizing access to science education for young women, engineering is still nearly an all-male field.

Which makes this competition designed to make engineering appealing to young women by casting it as sustainable design kind of cool on a couple scores:

Imperial College London today launches an annual Green Design Challenge, a competition aiming to raise the profile of engineering among young women. ... Dr Keith Pullen, Senior Lecturer and co-organiser of the competition, said today: “Two of the major world challenges for the 21st century are climate change and alleviation of poverty. We are keen to raise the awareness of the role of the mechanical engineer as a central player in the solution of these problems, and to highlight principles of design and engineering to young women. When members of Imperial''s engineering departments visit schools they frequently hear that environmental issues are of particular interest to young women, so this competition will focus on the technical and project engineering skills needed to develop and build sustainable solutions in renewable energy.”

This year's winners, four sixth formers, designed and built a small wind turbine capable of charging the battery to power a small hospital fridge.

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