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Happy Birthday To Us!

We started WorldChanging one year ago today.

We have some big plans for this next year, plans we'll be sharing with you soon, but in the meantime, we wanted to say that this last year has been far more than we could've expected.

It's been a lot more fun than we could have dreamed; more inspiring than we could have imagined; weirdly more popular than we ever could have guessed; at a few points harder than we would have liked; but most of all, Worldchanging has been the cause of us being introduced to some of the smartest, most passionate and most interesting people we know. Our fellow Worldchangers -- contributors, allies and readers -- are very cool people, doing stuff that pretty consistently astounds us. Being a part of this network of people is like getting birthday presents every day.

In that spirit, we've asked a few of our friends and allies to jump in and play guest-editors over a long weekend, to show that Worldchanging is more than the folks on the masthead. You'll be seeing their posts over the next few days. Thanks to them for playing along, and thanks to you all for making this such a pleasure to do.

Alex Steffen and Jamais Cascio
WorldChanging Founders

WorldChanging Team
Alan AtKisson • Nicole-Anne Boyer • Chris Coldewey • Dawn Danby • Jeremy Faludi • Emily Gertz • Rohit Gupta • Vinay Gupta • Zaid Hassan • Jon Lebkowsky • Taran Rampersad • Cameron Sinclair • Andrew Zolli

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Congratz! You guys are an inspiration.

Do continue the good work. Especially with your new set of bloggers participating WorldChanging is becoming more exciting.


Posted by: Suhit Anantula on 3 Oct 04

Great job so far. Your blog is a good window onto changes and positive developments happening around the world.

Posted by: Hassan on 6 Oct 04



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