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Winning the Oil Endgame
Chris Coldewey, 2 Oct 04

As oil hit the $50/barrel milestone this week, I thought to myself, "Could Amory Lovins ask for better PR?" Lovins' Rocky Mountain Institute recently unveiled a new report on ending oil dependence through efficiency and new technologies, entitled Winning the Oil Endgame.Vinay mentioned it earlier, but it's an important publication and worth highlighting.

With a stellar cast of RMI co-authors, not to mention Pentagon co-sponsorship, this could end up being a very influential report for Lovins & Co. It's already being reviewed in several major news outlets: Fortune, Time, and the Wall Street Journal, for starters. The entire publication is available for free on the website -- so go download and digest:

Saving half the oil America uses, and substituting cheaper alternatives for the other half, requires four integrated steps:

• Double the efficiency of using oil
• Apply creative business models and public policies to speed the profitable adoption of superefficent light vehicles, heavy trucks, and airplanes
• Provide another one-fourth of U.S. oil needs by a major domestic biofuels industry
• Use well established, highly profitable efficiency techniques to save half the projected 2025 use of natural gas

...By following this roadmap, the U.S. would set the stage by 2025 for the checkmate move in the Oil Endgame—the optional but advantageous transition to a hydrogen economy and the complete and permanent displacement of oil as a direct fuel.

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