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Eradicating Poverty Through Profit
Alex Steffen, 8 Oct 04

We're intensely interested in "transcommercial" business models -- which suggest that today doing the right thing isn't an extra on the road to profits, it is the road to profits. We're also quite intrigued by the idea of eradicating poverty by marketing at the Bottom of the Pyramid, though still uncertain about how it'll work in practice.

So, our ears definitely perked up when we heard about the World Resources Insitute's major upcoming conference Eradicating Poverty Through Profit: Making Business Work for the Poor. From the 12 - 14th of December, an assortment of academics, CEOs and innovators will be hashing these issues out in San Francisco. I may go myself -- I'm not sold that the results will match the expectations here, but I'm also convinced that making the poor agents in their own future is absolutely one of the keys to changing the world, and this approach may be a part of that puzzle.

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Hi Alex. I hope you dont mind my posting a comment. I run the Big Picture site and found your essay on the word "sustainability" very interesting. I agree totally, but remain unconvinced that there is a better alternative that will make those not on the wavelength understand what it's all about. I also agree that the interconnectedness between the natural and social environment needs to be stressed - I'm just not sure whether anything based on the colour green does that. I like blue as it is a primary colour that incorporates green, but perhaps goes beyond it to include the social component. What about bright blue?!

Posted by: Marcus on 12 Oct 04



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