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formic acid fuel cells
Jeremy Faludi, 11 Oct 04

The company Tekion has announced that within a year they should have fuel cells commercially available for portable electronics. They have a working prototype running directly off of liquid formic acid, rather than gaseous H2. Formic acid is chemically similar to methanol, but is rather caustic stuff--many plants and animals use it as a stinging poison (ants, bees, and stinging nettle, to name a few)--but hopefully the safety issues can be addressed. Their formic acid fuel cell technology grew out of DARPA-funded research done at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

From the Tekion website:

"...engineers at our U.S. subsidiary, Renew Power, were able to integrate this fuel cell into a mobile phone utilizing the same space used for the battery. This was the worldÂ’s first fuel cell inside a mobile phone. These same engineers also made a direct formic acid fuel cell the size of a penny and demonstrated it powering a fan.... Unlike the hydrogen PEM system, these systems do not require bulky storage tanks, thus making the incorporation of micro fuel cell systems to power mobile electronic devices feasible.

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stasio mysli, ze smierdzicie

Posted by: stasio on 26 Oct 04

Michal W. to stary gej

Posted by: r3d1p5 on 26 Oct 04



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