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Hydro-Solar Vehicle
Rohit Gupta, 13 Oct 04

cory.jpgA teacher called Cory Waxman and his students have built the only self-sustaining hydrogen vehicle that uses a conventional internal-combustion engine.

The truck is hydrogen-powered and creates its own fuel from solar energy and water, a technical feat that rivals the advanced technology being researched by major auto companies and universities. The four-cylinder engine is tuned to run on hydrogen, which is produced by a hand-built electrolysis system mounted in the bed.

The four solar panels and hydrogen-generating system create only enough fuel per day to travel a few miles, but that should improve. An excerpt that would make the penguin happy:

"Besides understanding the system, this is an opportunity to work with people who are all different, who don't know each other as close friends, and create something like a hydrogen car," (Tiarra Campbell, 17)

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3 points stand out ...

1. Built for less than $10,000,
2. Uses a conventional internal-combustion engine.
3. Nobody has ever made a car that runs on sunlight and water

Its refreshing to see great ideas and actions comming from the ground up. Maybe, just maybe we dont have to wait for a multinational to say,"Heres the new thing". As pointed out by the article, did Orvil and Wilbur wait for Alexander Winton wait around?

Posted by: Mark on 14 Oct 04

My only question is, how far would the vehicle have travelled with only the solar panels? And batteries? I'll be interested to see the direct drive version, but I'm still seeing too many energy conversions for this to be anything but hydrogen buzz. Hydrogen still isn't an energy source, just a fuel. Sigh.

Posted by: Jason Michael Smithson on 14 Oct 04

there was a solar/water power car made in the 80's that used solar energy to heat water for a steam eng.can't remember who are were but im sure i saw it on the discovery channel

Posted by: adam on 16 Oct 04



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