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Welcome, Ethan!
Alex Steffen, 19 Oct 04

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of the Worldchanging team, Ethan Zuckerman.

If you've been following along, you'll remember Ethan as the founder of Geekcorps -- a sort of Peace Corps for geeks -- a fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society (where he's teaching on digital democracy and exploring how blogs and mainstream media interact to change coverage of developing world issues); an advisor to George Soros' Open Society Institute, the editor of BlogAfrica, the best source of access to African bloggers around.

Ethan's essay Making Room for the Third World in the Second Superpower was an instant classic, challenging our notions about how information technology will or will not help transform the developing world -- ideas he and I explored at greater length in this interview. His personal blog lives here.

How the developing world adopts and creates technology is one of the biggest questions of the coming century. No one else I know has as interesting, complex and informed a perspective on the matter as Ethan -- we're thrilled to have him on board. He's also just a really great guy.

Welcome, Ethan!

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Put a TV out your front door and folow it Ethan...

This election is one of the most important in our country's history. November second holds for every American great struggle and great emotion. We owe it to each other as one united body of people not to lock this emotion behind our front doors. Let the television into the public space, into the streets, the civic centers, out our front doors and mingle. Celebrate this day and make our voice heard. Let our music fill the air, and our dance move our bodies in our front yards and our streets. If Kerry wins, we dance in the streets, and if Bush wins, we dance in the streets. Never forget, We are United. Our expression is free. Together, may we provide the truth

Posted by: Tim Andonian on 24 Oct 04



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