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Jeremy Faludi, 20 Oct 04

epv_01.jpgSince the UN cannot monitor elections in the US, though they were asked to by some members of congress months ago, that duty falls upon ourselves. This may be even more important than get-out-the-vote campaigns, as the last election was decided by these means. We've reported before on Votewatch and TechWatch, but I think this is one of those cases when the old-fashioned way is better: having actual lawyers at "high-risk" polling places to monitor the proceedings and resolve ballot access problems when they happen, not just track or report them.

The organization spearheading the vote-monitoring is called Election Protection, a non-partisan group funded mostly by Working Assets and People for the American Way. They're also looking for clergy to be credible mediators between voters and election officials, and can use organizers & donations as well, for those who are neither a lawyer nor clergy.

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I've signed up with and gone through the first training. I'll be posted to Phoenix, AZ and will fly out a day early to help set up for the final training Monday, November 1.

BTW, my gut tells me that Kerry is going to win in a landslide, 60% to 40%. But then, I live in Cambridge, MA, in the bubble inside the bubble and could be very wrong.

Posted by: gmoke on 21 Oct 04

Let that landslide blow out your TV and into the streets qmoke...

This election is one of the most important in our country's history. November second holds for every American great struggle and great emotion. We owe it to each other as one united body of people not to lock this emotion behind our front doors. Let the television into the public space, into the streets, the civic centers, out our front doors and mingle. Celebrate this day and make our voice heard. Let our music fill the air, and our dance move our bodies in our front yards and our streets. If Kerry wins, we dance in the streets, and if Bush wins, we dance in the streets. Never forget, We are United. Our expression is free. Together, may we provide the truth

Posted by: Tim Andonian on 24 Oct 04



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