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Best of the Best of the Indie Press
Alex Steffen, 28 Oct 04

As noted above, Utne Reader nominated Worldchanging for one of their Independent Press Awards -- for which, our thanks. But the other nominees are no slouches. Sure, old favorites are there, like the Kyoto Journal, and major allies, like BoingBoing and SmartMobs, but check out these if you have a chance:

WorldPulse covers solutions-oriented change movements through the eyes and words of women and children;

SEED we've discussed before, but it's the cool kid at the science journalism party (and we love their motto: "Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.");

Left Turn ("Notes from the global intifada") is sharp evidence that "post-Seattle politics," good writing and crisp design don't have to be on opposite sides of the barricades;

India Currents covers Indian culture in the US -- pretty interesting;

OnEarth, the newly-reborn Amicus Journal keeps the hard-hitting stance and high standards, but adds a great visual sense and new editorial voice;

Most folks know about Ready Made, but I'm a sucker for their frisky DIY 'tude;

and my favorite new find Young Pioneers ("a journal of independent travel culture") -- there's almost nothing I've read on their site that I didn't think rocked (there was even a profile of ally and old friend Holly Morris). Simply: I love this magazine. I want to elope with it. I'll settle for subscribing.

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