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Worldchanger Profiles in SEED
Alex Steffen, 29 Oct 04

SEED magazine is running a group profile, Revolutionary Minds which is chock full of people you might well find profiled on this site:

Solo performer Ntare Mwine, whose show, Biro, "highlights the journey of a former Ugandan rebel soldier who contracts HIV and ends up living illegally in America in order to access treatment;" Shane Carruth, the filmmaker who put together the runaway cult hit film "Primer;" Climate change activist Mark Lynas; Thebe Medupe, who's exploring the connections between traditional African cultures and cosmology.

Then there's Eric Demaine, the mathematician who launched the field of computational origami, "which explores complex geometrical problems inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. It has applications in biology, computer science, and engineering—such as the possibility of folding enormous telescopes to fit into the space shuttle. As computational origami expands the range of shapes it can address, it benefits from the one-cut theorem’s application to all polygons, whether convex, concave, or composite. Such a simple, all-encompassing solution places it among the most elegant found in mathematics.

Or Victoria Hale and the Institute for One World Health—the first nonprofit pharmaceutical company in the U.S.:

"Consider the case of several azole compounds that originated in Yale scientist Andrew Hamilton’s lab and that now sit in One World Health’s portfolio of more than 200 compounds. Yale’s technology-development office invested in studying the azoles, with a view to commercialization—but by the time their powerful antifungal activity had been demonstrated, investors had cooled their interest. In the meantime, Yale had learned that the compounds showed promise in treating Chagas Disease, a parasitic infection that sickens 16 to18 million annually in South and Central America and kills 50,000, according to CDC estimates. But Chagas is geographically and demographically isolated, making it an unattractive target for Western drug companies."

Allies everywhere, known and not yet met.

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