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San Fran City-Wide Wifi
Alex Steffen, 29 Oct 04

First with the solar panels, now this:

SAN FRANCISCO - The mayor says San Francisco plans to rapidly expand its free wireless Internet access program and will soon make free computers available at housing projects and community centers. ... "We will not stop until every San Franciscan has access to free wireless Internet service," Mayor Gavin Newsom declared in his first State of the City address.

I love living on the Left Coast.

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I occasionally try to explain to friends Back East why I like it out here.

It's awkward to lay it straight: That there's something sour, sad, scoffing, and cold about cities back there. They don't try neat shit like this, or if they do they keep quiet about it.

The centenary of the mighty New York City subway makes me wish Gotham would get some of its progressive spunk back, and do some civic project that is shockingly and undeniably great.

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 29 Oct 04

as a recent transplant (SF to NY), i do miss the gavin headlines. he is a forward thinking, aggressive politician who gives me hope for the future. SF is a left coast exception, tho. try doing wi-fi in LA - it wouldn't be as easy as a news clip.

the population of SF isn't near NY city's density. i don't think new york is sour or sad, but struggling to keep up with its resources. bloomberg is treating this city like a corporation because the desperate thought is that the city needs this - less democracy and more decision making. it's wrong, but somehow he was elected.

you're right. in everything, innovation needs to be part of the solution. hope gavin follows through on the promise and gives other mayors a new way to view their constituents - as people of intelligence.

Posted by: trina gavieres on 30 Oct 04



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