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Bright Green Living Wiki
Alex Steffen, 1 Nov 04

In the beginning of September, I wrote about how we lack a central clearinghouse for information about living both sustainably and well. In the debate that followed, we decided that if such a resource didn't exist, it was up to all of us who care about this stuff to create one.

That's just what we've gone and done. A great group of folks has gotten together and created a Bright Green Living Wiki.

It's still very much a work in progress, but if you click over there you'll find the basic bones of a site which can grow to include all sorts of information about how to make the smartest, greenest, brightest decisions possible. The folks involved have done an amazing job of getting things rolling, but to make this resource really work, one thing's needed: you.

Worldchanging readers are some of the smartest, most involved, most informed people around (if the email we get from you is any indication at all). You guys know the answers to many of the questions posed on the Wiki.

Share what you know! Come on by, contribute your ideas and point others to good resources. Tweak something, edit something, fill in a blank.

And spread the word! If you know someone who cares about creating ecological prosperity, about green design, green architecture, one-planet living or sustainable style, send 'em the link:

And if you really want to get involved, there's a mailing list: (To subscribe, send a blank email to

This is a community effort. It'll only work if you, the community, jump in.

(for the Bright Green Living Wiki team -- Jon Lebkowsky, Dawn Danby, Jacquelyn Hossfeld, Rebecca Blood, Jason Michael Smithson, Justin Thomas, Dan O'Huiginn, Garry Peterson and Dave Greene -- who deserve all our thanks for their hard work and thoughtful execution!)

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We are a sustainable landscape company. Keep us in the loop!!

Posted by: Middlebrook Gardens on 8 Nov 04



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