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SolarPC Annouces the $100 Personal Computer. Linux. Solar. Education
Taran Rampersad, 26 Nov 04

Linux PR: SolarPC Announces the $100 Personal Computer talks about the latest PC - perhaps a response to Microsoft's Steve Ballmer's request to build a $100 PC.

Burning only 10 Watts, an aluminium case with a 20 year warranty, a lead free motherboard.

Down side: You need to order 100,000 units to get one, apparently.

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This is not, of course, really a $100 computer. For example, this computer needs an external 12V power supply, nor do I think it comes with any kind of display. These items will easily triple the price. As the saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is."

Posted by: Dan Romanchik on 27 Nov 04

I don't know that you're right... and I don't know that I could argue against what you're saying. I don't know quite a bit about this system, but I do have an email in. Maybe when they get to the bottom of the pile of emails, I'll get an answer.

However, I do believe that it is a pretty significant step in the right direction. Thus the very short post :-)

Posted by: Taran on 27 Nov 04

Why on earth would you expect a computer with TV-out to come with a bundled monitor?

As for power: 12VDC is pretty standard world-wide, you'd use local power supplies instead of bringing in American ones and throwing them away. For embedded environments 12VDC is often available for the cost of a cable.

This isn't a $99 PC for the US consumer market, it's a World PC, it's for embedded applications, kiosks, third world markets, ... it's got about a 500 MHz Eden CPU, for Bob's sake!

Posted by: Peter da Silva on 28 Nov 04



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