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The Media Company I Want to Work For
Emily Gertz, 5 Dec 04

PressThink guest writer Mark Glaser touched off a great, multi-blog conversation this past week with his column, The Media Company I Want to Work For. Let's stop asking when media companies are going to get it about the Internet, blogs, participatory journalism, and transparency, says Glaser, and start founding these companies ourselves. We at WorldChanging couldn't agree more!

I am not saying this will be easy, or that it won't be copied by the mainstream media as soon as its successful. What I'm saying is that it's time for someone to do it, to make the case for a new way of doing journalism, to stop talking about change in decades and start thinking about change in months and days. To stop complaining about the way things are, and the way things don't work, and to start doing it differently -- not gradually, not incrementally, but from whole cloth now.

This is my hope for the future of journalism, because the old way is in tatters and rotting by the side of the road. It's time for the readers and enlightened journalists to take back their power, to set the media's agenda, to rip out the reins from the graying media barons who have their blinders on.

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It is time for inclusive action, our earth our home is our birth right as a species and until we act as its infestaion the ignorances of materialism will find us exstinct. I can be reached willingly to aid in uniting the hearts and minds of our home that humanity will prevail.
I am so thankful your here. Its time we walk together. Love & Light Rev. Leela Alvarez ULC

Posted by: Leela Alvarez on 7 Dec 04



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