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The Week In Green Design
Jamais Cascio, 19 Dec 04

Each week, Justin Thomas of Metaefficient gives us a peek into new finds in sustainable design. Metaefficient "searches out products that we believe are more effective and healthier for individuals and the world, yet are comparable in price to mainstream products." We're glad to feature the best of what Justin's found lately, here on Worldchanging:

100% Corn-Based Packaging Now In Use

Cargill Dow's
line of 100% corn-based bioplastic "NatureWorks Packaging" is now being used by a number of food companies to package fresh produce and salads. Dow Chemicals, a partner in the Cargill Dow company, has a questionable environmental and ethical track record. However, the Natureworks product is making breakthroughs for bioplastic into the food packaging marketplace. For example, Del Monte Fresh Produce is converting from PET containers to NatureWorks PLA packaging for fresh-cut pineapple, melons and fruit & vegetable medleys. Newman’s Own Organics will offer several organic salad varieties in two-piece, rigid tubs made from NatureWorks PLA. Club Fresh is using NatureWorks PLA for cut melon, fruit mixes & diced vegetables. We hope to see more manufacturers adopt biodegradeable packaging soon.

LED Christmas Lights
Energy Efficient LED Xmas Lights

These LED lights extremely energy efficient and are replacements for the those fallible conventional Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights are bright, don't burn out or break and are cool to the touch.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture
Reclaimed Wood Funiture

These attractive tables and chairs are designed by Scrapile. They are made of reclaimed scraps of wood from local wood shops. The unique texture comes from the combination of the various types of wood that is recovered. Scrapile is run by Brooklyn-based designers Carlos Salgado and Bart Bettencourt. For more information contact: Carlos Salgado.

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