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Sustainable Solutions Caravan
Alex Steffen, 24 Dec 04

Ally Zak Zaidman is on a biodiesel bus, running through Central America on a mission to

"1. Share seeds, information, and technologies for sustainable living practices that are environmentally, economically and socially relevant to local communities.
2. Popularize sustainable living solutions especially alternative fuels and organic agriculture.
3. Connect farmers with organic distributors - thereby providing economic incentive and technical help for farmers to transition to organic.
4. Support the creation of a network of people, projects, and organizations involved in all aspects of sustainable living solutions throughout neo-tropical and tropical Central America."

Looks like a great adventure!

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Thank you for sharing this with your community! Just a quick clarification: We are running on pure 100% recycled veggie oil (not biodiesel). Check out these links for more info:


This last website tracks our progress with journals and photos from the road.

We have generated so much press and attention all over Mexico and because of this project millions (sounds like a lot but its true!) of people know about biofuels. Our goals are the same but I have been focusing mostly on using the popularity of the bus and our project to simply promote ecologiacl and social awareness. Asking people to begin to learn and make informed and conscious decisions about where their fuel, food, clothes, etc. come from, how they are made, how every decision they make affects our planet and people everywhere. I have never felt this effective. Stay tuned... Thanks again!

Posted by: ZAK on 28 Dec 04



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