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True Films 1.0
Alex Steffen, 27 Dec 04

I'm a sucker for a good documentary (Control Room was in the DVD player yesterday -- man, that Deema Khatib...), but my passion pales beside the Godzilla-like geekery of Kevin Kelly, who's been reviewing his favorite "true films" for years, and has now collected those reviews and combined them into a limited-edition, self-published book on Amazon.

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I finally got to Live from Baghdad, a somewhat-dramatized look at how CNN anchored the first gulf war. Very well done, a good companion piece for Control Room.

City of God is powerful and should come with a special warning!
Errol Morris films usually sit well with me, especially Mr. Death.
The Eames series is fun (my students responded well to their Powers of 10 piece).
Peter Greenaway's 26 Bathrooms is one of the most bizarre short docs I've seen, as people talk about their bathing spaces while lounging around nude in their tub.

And of course, our own documentary in progress is a must-see.....either we'll tell the story of how people coming together can actually make an impact in the global aid landscape, or we'll show why small collaborative attempts toward bridgebuilding are doomed to fail when we are so systemically ill. Stay tuned.

Posted by: j.evonne on 27 Dec 04

"Control Room" is terrific, isn't it?

Posted by: Rachel on 27 Dec 04



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