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Worldchanging responses to the Tsunami Disasters

The tragedy in Asia has touched many of us deeply. You might be asking yourself, "What can I do?"

We can't claim special insight into this relief effort, but Worldchanging folks and our allies are involved in a bunch of good efforts.

Rohit and Dina helped get Tsunami Help going. Also known as "The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami" page, it has become the best clearing house to be found on the web for information on how to give to relief efforts. One thing everyone can do is spread the word and give wisely and generously according to your means.

One cause we're supporting is AFH's reconstruction fund. As Cameron Sinclair, head of Architecture for Humanity (and Worldchanger), explains:

As with previous natural disasters Architecture for Humanity was contacted by a number of regionally based NGO's for assistance. This morning we have set up a reconstruction fund, via the AFH site, specifically to deal with rebuilding issues.

We are appealing to our newsletter readers not only for funds but local architectural and engineering contacts for possible consultation work. As with all our disaster relief operations we are committed to zero overhead and admin. costs.

All design/consulting services are being donated pro-bono and we are communicating with potential partnerships, like we did in Bam, with locally based NGO's that will use locals in the rebuilding process.

Finally, some allies have sent email saying they are working on putting together a site explaining how people in South/ South-East Asia who want to work directly on relief/ reconstruction efforts can most effectively get involved. We'll post as more info becomes available.

(Related news: ReliefWeb, a UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs project, has created a rapidly-updated list of reports about the quake and tsunami, with a focus on relief efforts. )

(Dina's also been blogging up a storm on her personal blog.)

(Niny Khor also recommends Network for Good's page.)

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