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"How Do I Volunteer as an International Relief Worker in Southeast Asia?"
Jon Lebkowsky, 28 Dec 04

Peter Kaminski blogged about Quake/Tsunami Relief and Resources and got comments from a few people who wanted to go to the area and do volunteer work. Pete quotes Frequently Asked Questions Regarding International Disaster Relief from he Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI), which can be summarized as saying that international relief work of this kind requires significant skills and experience, and a high degree of undistracted commitment. "The best way to help," Pete writes, "is to give money to a relief organization that is providing aid in the disaster area." [Link]

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I am a fit 49 year old retired executive that would like to lend physical assitance to those devisated by the recent disaster. I am not afraid of physical work or onerous conditions and am a good organizer and doer. I have the resources to pay for my own transportation and would like to know how I can help beyond the financial contribution I intend to make. I can commit to 60 days on site if necessary.

Thanks and bless you all.

Posted by: Ralph on 30 Dec 04

I want to volunteer myself to India. I speak and am FLUENT in Hindi and Gujrati and am able bodied, young (28), and intelligent (a member of Mensa).

Posted by: Anand Vyas on 30 Dec 04

I believe the best way that us inexperienced people can help these poor devastated towns and countries hit by the tsunami, is to send as much money as we can, and then some more. If every citizen in the US and UK and Australia sent just $1, then many people would have medical aid and food and more importantly clean water. Come on everyone, $1 does not break the bank, and maybe lots of prayers for the poor souls.
At times like these we all want to get out there and help, but inexperience can be dangerous for all parties. JUST SEND MONEY. Is that bottle of champagne or the packet if cigerettes really necessary this week???

Posted by: Yvonne on 31 Dec 04

i am a very healthy operating trauma nurse from tennessee looking for a way to volunteer my skills and services for tsunami relief in any way i can.i am single with no children and in a position to offer three weeks of my time and effort to help the people in this disaster.please let me know how i can help,i have already given financially but do not feel that it is enough to do for the aid of these people.

Posted by: sam sibold on 31 Dec 04

The only way for people to gain experience as relief workers is to do it themselves. I am a fit, 25 year old with excellent communication skills and really want to lend my healthy self to help rebuild, or aid in any other physical way I can as soon as possible. Could someone please contact me with more information on how to get overseas and help out.

Posted by: danie fortin on 2 Jan 05



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