December 30, 2004

Reconstruction Fund Update


When Worldchanging and Architecture for Humanity began the tsunami reconstruction fund on Monday we placed an initial target of $10,000 by the end of the year. A mere 32 hours later we surpassed that mark and by 5pm today the donations and pledges pushed it over the $25,000 mark. As we are donating all design services, this increased goal would be enough to build more than a 15 homes, 4 schools or one medical clinic.

A huge thank you to all who donated, and who will soon donate: the more funds we raise the more we can rebuild.

If you want your contribution to be counted towards the 2004 tax year (Architecture for Humanity is a registered 501(c)3 organization) you have until tomorrow to donate. Remember your employer may also match your donation.

With over 320 donors, frankly we are a little overwhelmed by the response and thanks to the incredible Worldchanging/AFH community we are increasing our goal to US$100,000.

We are currently assembling local-based design and construction teams to work with vetted relief groups. We are also refining a set of criteria for design/build work that will include employing local labor and construction techniques as well as economic and environmental sustainability.

There is a mention of our appeal in the Architectural Record and in Thursdays' New York Times.

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