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Be a part of a small good thing in a large tragedy

Within hours of the unfolding tragedy in the Indian Ocean the Worldchanging and Architecture for Humanity teams began discussing ways to collaborate by combining both expertise and networks to respond to the long term needs of those affected. By Monday morning we jointly launched the tsunami reconstruction appeal.

We set an initial target of $10,000 to be raised by the end of the year. By spending 100% of donations on the ground in impacted areas, and spending nothing on overhead or salaries, $10,000 would be enough to build half a dozen homes within a rural community. A small good thing in a large tragedy.

You know about Worldchanging. AfH you may know less about, but they're been involved in previous reconstruction efforts in Grenada, Iran (Bam) and Kosovo (where they built permanent homes for less than $2000 through local relief groups). These partnerships are formed with groups who employ local labor and utilize local construction techniques as well as economic and environmental sustainability. This keeps funds within the community, creates micro-economies for those impacted and saves money on construction.

Well, we're proud to report that things are going well with this appeal. Other websites and blogs (such as our friends at SEA-EAT, Boing Boing, Archinect and Core 77) have picked up and promoted the appeal. Within a day the reconstruction appeal surpassed its goal, and by this morning the donations and pledges pushed it over the $40,000 mark. $40,000 will be enough to build more than a dozen homes, a small clinic and a school.

Given that incredible response, we think we can do more. We have now raised the target to $100,000.

Raising $100,000, when coupled with pro-bono design services and material donations, will allow for the building of more than just basic shelter, but the construction of schools, infrastructure and medical clinics. With a more holistic and sustainable approach of reconstruction, a truly worldchanging idea, the funds will help to build beyond simple dwellings to live but create real communities for life to grow, rebuild and renew.

We would like to extend a huge thank you the more than 500 individuals who've already donated, and to those who will soon donate. The more funds we raise the more we can rebuild. Let's turn a small good thing into a large good thing.

To donate funds click here, or for more information on the rebuilding effort log onto the Architecture for Humanity reconstruction page or at the charity portal Network for Good

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If we can make a big thing by contributing a little, I'll start right now than later.

Posted by: Flora on 2 Jan 05

Please consider helping another small group in this big effort. They are called SEEDSINDIA. SEEDS is an acronym for Sustainable Environment & Ecological Development Society. They are an NGO that has been working in the field of community based disaster management in India for over a decade. They were first on the ground on the islands and were the only relief service there for the first week after the tsunami due to the difficulty of reaching that area.

They need is to get the word out to as many people as possible about the work they are doing - so provide them with a linkif you can. They need donations too, and are associated with a Northern California group called Geohazards ( where people can send tax exempt donations which will be sent directly to SEEDSINDIA.

The SEEDS website ( is being updated currently and is offline for a day or so but check and see if it is up by now.

If you have any contacts of persons or groups or media where a link might be provided for SEEDSINDIA it would be very helpful. Anything you can do is a greatly apreciated gift for this worthy group. I Thank you very much for your help. You may contact me via email

Posted by: cecelia on 3 Jan 05


GiveWorld has set up a Rehabilitation Fund to support initiatives to help
those affected by the disaster in South India, in association with GiveIndia
and ICICIcommunities . 100% of the funds raised for this purpose will be
disbursed for relief and rehabilitation of the victims and donors will be
provided feedback. The GiveWorld website also provides latest updates on all
relief activities.

GiveWorld is partnering with 10 non-profit organizations working on the
field. To know more about these organizations and how they are assisting the
victims please visit

To donate online, please visit if in
the US or if you are
located in India.

Please do spread this message to your friends and relatives.

Yours in Giving

Posted by: Subhashini on 4 Jan 05


I would like to help rebuild in any part of Asia or Africa that was hit by the Tsunami on Dec 26/04.

I have skills in basic carpentry and also in Accounting, Administration, Purchasing, Logistics, Gardening, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Mechanics.

I would like to be able to donate my resources that would help in the rebuilding of Infastructure, Home, Businesses, Food Sources, Schools, Stores and any other structures or facilities that are required to bring back the economies of these areas.

I have also discussed this with others and they expressed their desire to also make contributions of their skills.

I have not much in Financil resources that I would be able to contribute, but if I was required for my services, I would consider a position either here in Canada or on site where the help is needed.

I am semi retired and have no commitments that require me to remain at home or in Canada.

I am able to obtain a Canadian Passports and Visas that would be required.

If you would be interested in discussing any opportunities for this disaster relief, please E-mail me at

Thank you

Posted by: Brian Haniford on 8 Jan 05


I want to volunteer to help any community that was a devastated by the tsunami on 26 DEC 04. As a former engineer in the Army, I have experience in carpentry, earthmoving equipment, and demolitions. Furthermore, to avoid using your resources, I can get to any location that was effected at my cost. Please contact me at the email below.

Posted by: Gregory Gehring on 12 Jan 05



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