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China: Green Olympics, or Green Future?
Alex Steffen, 11 Jan 05

Green roofs? China's headlong rush into green building? Two great tastes that taste great together?

"Downtown Beijing is too crowded to insert more green belts, so we'll try it on the roofs," Yang Zhihua, an official with the city's parks and woods bureau, was quoted as saying. ...Rooftop "green belts" could sprout on 30 percent of the city's high rises and 60 percent of its lower buildings by 2008, Yang said.

It's all part of an effort to "green" Beijing before the 2008 Olympics (green olympics being all the rage).

Skeptics will raise two questions: one, the degree to which Chinese government proclaimations can be considered credible, given the lack of free press, public accountability or dissent in that nation, and two, whether (even if these Beijing-centered programs deliver as promised) China is ready to confront its much larger, national environmental problems -- massive pollution with widespread health and social impacts, worsening desertification, and seriously unsustainable energy and resource policies.

That said, the potential for a green China to redefine the planetary future is vast, and growing. We can all hope that these moves in Beijing are real, and that they portend the beginning, not the end, of China's environmental commitment.
(thanks GP!)

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In addition to green roofs, it is also possible to green the many walls of that city. Let the walls be covered by the great vertical garden system named Mur Vegetal Patrick Blanc !

Posted by: Jean on 13 Jan 05

thats pretty kool. all the other countries should take this exapmle and reduce the pollution levels in any way they can.

Posted by: aahana on 13 Jan 05

gotta hand it to that Communist dictatorship, when they want to get shit done, they DO IT... in addition to the natural gas buses they mention in the release, I believe they're trying to get like 10,000 HCNG buses as well. the Beijing Olympics is the best thing to happen to the US/Canadian natural gas vehicle industry in years.

Posted by: John Atkinson on 14 Jan 05



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