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Alex Speaking at The Society for Ecological Restoration Conference
Alex Steffen, 14 Jan 05

If you're planning to be in Seattle in April, come drop by The Society for Ecological Restoration's conference. I'll be on what looks to be a pretty interesting panel of the ecological future of the city.

"Where in the World are We Going?  How Nature, Cities and Cultures Can Flourish in the 21st Century.
"April 6, 2005  7:30 - 9:30 PM
"Town Hall 1119 8th Avenue Seattle, WA

"In the wake of the war on terror and the rollback of environmental protections, many people wonder, 'Just where in the world we are going?  Is there a hopeful vision of the future?'  Can we create a world where nature, cities, and culture can flourish in the 21st Century?

"We invite you to join us for an evening forum on April 6, 2005 at Town Hall in Seattle with special guests Terry Tempest Williams, Andrew Light, Stuart Cowan, David Conrad, and Alex Steffen.

"Each of our noted guests is working on elements of a vision for the future that incorporates protection and restoration of the natural environment along with tools and concepts of sustainable cities and culture.  Terry Tempest Williams, whose latest book is The Open Space of Democracy, poetically links culture and the environment.  Andrew Light, a gifted applied philosopher, speaks and writes about the promise of restoration as a participatory element of an emerging culture.  Stuart Cowan, co-author of the book Sustainable Design, is now involved in financing and building sustainable urban infrastructure in Portland, Oregon.  David Conrad, Executive Director of the National Tribal Environmental Council, is leading a visionary tribal organization that advocates for the environment.  And Alex Steffen is an editor at -- which explores tools, models and ideas for building a bright green future -- and writes and speaks frequently on the future of the environment."

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I would hope that you find Hendrikus Schraven there and if not why not? He is trying to hold and restore soils on which the rest of you are standing and which is lifeless.

Maybe green, but bright green, sorry, until you get the work Ingham, Stamets and Amaranthus included so all your images and advocacies could take hold....

Posted by: Kim McDodge on 16 Jan 05



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