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Blogging in Iran
Jeremy Faludi, 16 Jan 05

You'll never guess who's been blogging in Iran: former vice president for legal and parliamentary affairs, Mohammad Ali Abtahi. Unfortunately the link is broken now--perhaps due to an overwhelmed server, since the New York Times had an article about the blog today. He started the blog last year to help address the Reformist party's problem of appearing disconnected and ineffectual, and according to, it's more of a personal blog than a political one, but he does say in it, "Iran can only be saved through fundamental reform". Hopefully the existence of his blog will reduce the stigma of subversion that has gotten many other Iranian bloggers thrown in jail and tortured for their politics.

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If Seymour Hersh is right, perhaps American Special Forces are 'looking after' him right now. Just hope he hasn't written anything anti-Bush!

Posted by: Daniel Johnston on 17 Jan 05

Daniel, how can the eventual American forces "looking after him" solve any problems when we are talking about a reformer in Iranian politics?

I was shocked when I read parts of the interview with Condoleeza today. I do not believe that the USA will risk another full range war as they did against Iraq since they don't manage there to do the job of nation building there, either.

Precise airstrikes such as were done against Libya in the 80s are likely. What will this solve? And... what gives them (the USA) the right to decide who can be in possession of the bomb in the first place? Of course, I am neither thrilled by the idea of Iran having the Atomic bomb nor was I happy that poor states such as India or Pakistan didn't have anything better to do than get one themselves.

However, imagine yourself in their place. You have the American army on both sides, east and west, then you receive threats to attack your country if you don't stop the program.
In some sort it makes sense to follow your original plan, make yourself less attackable with a bomb that you never plan to use, just have it in the backhand for all possibilities.
In this case, I am sure, the USA would finally consider them as an acceptable diplomatic partner, not like "the 800 pound Gorilla" threatening the world as a Democratic senator put it today in the a.m. interview.

What about the European initiative to solve this in a peaceful, diplomatic way? What about involving the UNO, an organisation just for such cases who can impose sanctions?

I am so sick of this manner of doing politics worldwide! Get your acts together and talk to each other, rather than having the American Goliath swinging the baseball bat in front of the impoverished David states.

Don't they (the USA) see that it is also about "not losing your respect" for such countries such as the Iranian Republic? Bending down to the US orders is not an option. Finding an agreement which is mutually benefitial is indeed an option!

In the long term, reforms will sneak into the Iran through the opposition in the country, through the Internet, through exile Iranians and diplomatic efforts by a united world organisation. I hope that is the path that we will be able to take!

Greetings from Germany!


Posted by: Ferdinand Spannan on 19 Jan 05



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