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Alex Steffen, 21 Jan 05

Cascadia Scorecard has a good bit on the chainsteraunt Burgerville and local food:

Burgerville a 40-year-old, 1600-employee business whose menu is reminiscent of McDonald’s, except for one thing: it buys the bulk of its ingredients from farmers in Oregon and Washington--Oregon beef, Tillamook cheddar, Pacific Northwest halibut, and so on—and works with local distributors and wholesalers. Even more unusual: Burgerville’s menu changes with the season.

It's all part of the increasing recognition that local food is, generally, more sustainable.

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I'm indifferent about Burgerville's food. Not bad at all, but not outstanding.

But it is very neat indeed seeing the flavors of shakes change every month or so (blackberry, hazelnut, etc.), and the periodic availability of various desserts (strawberries and shortcake when the fruit is in season).

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 21 Jan 05

The Portland, Oregon area (where I live) is very big on fresh/local/sustainable food in general--lots of local restaurants feature it prominently. Burgerville's food is actually pretty good, and I do like the seasonal foods a lot: "oh, hey, they've got the Vidalia onion rings now!"

Posted by: Douglas Wolk on 21 Jan 05

Well, I gave Burgerville another shot last night.

Tilammook Cheeseburger: The meat patty was very, very thin and simply not very tasty.

Hazelnut Chocolate shake: A nice thick milkshake, but not exactly bursting with hazelnutty goodness.

Sweet potato fries: These were good.

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 23 Jan 05

Burgerville never has and does not serve Vidalia Onions. Not because they're not good, but because they are not from the Pacific Northwest. They (BV) only serve Walla Walla Sweet Onion rings (in season) generally beginning the middle of June and running through the middle of August. Biggest disappointment on the menu is their Chicken sandwich selection and the fact that their chicken does not come from the northwest.

Posted by: Patrick Klinger on 30 Jan 05



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