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Willie Nelson Says Burn BioWillie, Not Crude
Alex Steffen, 24 Jan 05

Country star Willie Nelson is coming out with his own brand of biodiesel. And he's marketing it at patriotic truckers:

"The product — called BioWillie — is made from vegetable oils, mainly soybeans, and can be burned without modification to diesel engines

"'There is really no need going around starting wars over oil. We have it here at home. We have the necessary product, the farmers can grow it,' said Nelson, who organized Farm Aid two decades ago to draw attention to the plight of American agriculture."
(Thanks, Jenny!)

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BioWillie....sound kinky but also like a great product!

Posted by: Insta Marv on 24 Jan 05

Well that image alone will set back the alternative fuels industry by 100 years...

Posted by: wintermane on 25 Jan 05

Absolutely not--sex sells! And making the link between alt-fuels and patriotism is brilliant.

Thanks, Willie Nelson.

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 25 Jan 05

On the road again
BioWillie's takin' me home again
Clean 'n' friendly to the
I'm proud to burn it
On the road again!

Posted by: shaynelaughter on 28 Jan 05

I think this is a very good thing. A new use for soybeans,cleaner burning fuel,less dependency on arab oil. If I can get it I plan on using it in my tractor.

Posted by: Michael A. on 5 Feb 05



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