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Who Wants to be a Socially Responsible Millionaire?
Alex Steffen, 28 Jan 05

Seattle Weekly is running a story Investing for Change, by Microsoft millionaire Jeff Reifman, about his journey to learn how to put his capital to work changing the world. Though I didn't agree with the whole piece, I found it a fabulous exploration of the state of socially responsible investing:

"I'd become wealthy at Microsoft. After eight years with the company, I left with about $5 million. What other baggage might I be carrying?

"I had known for some time that the investments I'd been making with my windfall were supporting corporations whose harmful practices conflicted with my values. Why would I allow my investments to operate with a different set of values than I demand of family, friends, and colleagues? Why is it acceptable for me to buy from and invest in corporations that exploit and harm people?

"I began a journey to discover what my money was doing and how I could become a more thoughtful consumer and investor. Along the way, I spoke with community leaders, investment advisers, and people with less, little, and no savings.

"I wanted to see if I could align my money with the kind of change I'd like to see in the world."

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Bravo. That's the shizzy right there. Hope mack daddy starts a trend. Not sure how legit or effective this is but also found this here at Dow Jones:
good vibes,

Posted by: Fran Battaglia on 28 Jan 05

Wonderful move toward consistency and congruence of personality in dealing with various aspects of one's life. Choices and actions impact the space and world around us. Let's keep conscious thinking going. Integration; not splitting.

Posted by: Charla Givans on 30 Jan 05



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